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Rosemount Opacity Analyzer Parts.

New RIGAS LCW, p/n: 40F0050R01, to replace the Rosemount 4848B50G01

This LCW is the multi-sectored LCW that is mounted to the condensing lens block. It consists of five (5) segments, one circular center segment and four (4) somewhat pie shaped segments that create the outer ring. The current RIGAS price is $2603, US List.






Notice the nice green color of the frames!






Also notice the quality of the conductive ink blobs. And … and … OK, so we’re proud of our LCWs! We’ve

had three sets of LCWs in beta testing for nearly five (5) years now and they haven’t failed yet!!

rear view of LCW#2

Is it time to replace your LCWs? Are you replacing your LCWs every year?! Every six (6) months?! Isn’t it

time to replace them once and forget about them for a few years! Call RIGAS.