Complete CEMS and COMS service center. 

From field service to our in-house repair depot,

we fix the problem, not the symptom!

Runyan Industrial Gas Analyzers - RIGAS

We are OPEN during the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Our staff members are working from home or coming to the office depending on conditions and circumstances.  Please call us if you need anything.  

We are a diversified team of engineers, technicians, and instructors dedicated to the field of industrial gas and opacity monitoring. We specialize in protecting your maintenance budget by extending the lifespan of current equipment.  Ours teams include:


  • Field Service - Provides service on COMS, CEMS & process gas analyzers   

    • Emergency field service - 24/7/365 - Call 877-616-0600

    • EPA audit services (CEMS, COMS, Method 9, CGA, RATA support) - Annual and Quarterly Audits

    • New installation and start-up

    • Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS) repair and maintenance

    • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) repair and maintenance

  • Depot Service Team – Performs testing,  repairs, refurbishment, and sells replacement parts

    • Analyzer repair or complete refurbishing

    • Circuit board repairs down to the component level to save money on costly replacement boards (includes surface mounted components [SMT])

    • Special CEMS Hastelloy filter cleaning to significantly extend the life of your filter

  • Technical Support Team – Provides technical support on a wide range of analyzers

    • Telephone or on-site technical support

    • Emergency support (24/7/365).

  • Training Team – Performs tailored onsite, classroom, and laboratory training 

    • Bring new employees into productive industrial roles through in-depth analyzer theory

    • Refresh your technicians on COMS and CEMS preventive maintenance, calibrations, and analyzer operation

  • Engineering – Designs alternative solutions as part availability decreases  

    • ​Designs replacement parts for hard to find parts

    • Identifies alternative vendor sources to reduce maintenance costs

    • Develops solutions to inherent design and operational problems.