What is the core competency of RIGAS? (i.e., what is RIGAS good at?)

We are opacity monitoring experts. Opacity, sometimes referred to as COMS (continuous opacity monitoring system) or visual emissions, is usually an EPA mandated measurement for a source owner (boiler plant, waste incinerator, foundry, cement plant, lime kiln, etc.) to comply with. It is usually only installed to meet a compliance requirement, however, if installed and maintained correctly, it can be utilized to improve process efficiency (i.e., less smoke implies a cleaner, more efficient, burn). We do the following:

Does RIGAS still support the Rosemount OPM-2000 opacity analyzer series? (includes OPM2000, OPM2000A, OPM2000R, OPM2001)

Yes, RIGAS still supports the Rosemount OPM-2000 series even though it is discontinued by the original manufacturer. We have parts (new & certified reconditioned). We have technical expertise. We provide depot or on-site services for this analyzer. The oldest of the series, the OPM-2000, released in 1989, is still very serviceable! Please call for more information (330-345-5264).

How do I return an item for repair?

There are two answers to this: [1] call RIGAS and obtain a RMA (return material authorization) number; we will verify that we are capable of working on this board or instrument based on availability of parts. The RMA number provides you with a job tracking number for your valuable item(s). --- Or --- [2] just send us your item; upon receipt, we'll call you to let you know that it arrived and what our repair (RMA) number is for that item(s). 330-345-5264 or 877-616-0600.