Glossary of Terms
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Continuous Emissions Monitoring System. 

Chart Recorders

In this millenium, chart recorders are becoming very digitized; actual "paper" based charts are being replaced regularly.  A digital chart can also print to paper (beit Z-Fold, circular, roll, etc.) but the real value of these newer recorders is that they can possess graphical screens which can show the process data in various formats and resolutions. Secondarily, the chart recorder stores the digital trend information for up to about 30 days (depending on the size of the internal memory) and then allows the data owner to 'dump' the data to a flash drive or download it to his internal network via Ethernet cable or wireless connection.



A method of detection where a chemical reaction generates a small amount of light(photons).  

This method is often used to measure total NOx.  The NO2 & NO3 within the sample gas is converted to NO via a heated carbon converter.  The NO is then mixed with O3 within a reaction chamber.  The amount of photons released during the reaction is proportional to the concentration of NOx in a sample stream. 


Continuous Opacity Monitoring System. 

Sometimes refered to as an opacity monitor, this system typically includes a transmissometer, purge air blowers, retroreflector, and control room electronics unit.  Pollutants and particals with the flu gas limit the light able to pass though the gas which yields an opacity reading.
Controllers, Boiler

Multi loop controllers typically used to control the fuel/air ratio in combustion processes.