Versaverter … there’s a new version!!! Version 4 (beta)

You’ll find that this is much nicer as it runs like a ‘standard’ Windows program now.   The Versaverter loader program requires that you have Adobe Air installed.  I loaded Adobe Air and Versaverter.air in just a few minutes … no installation issues.  This new version allows you to do a pairing of units to convert AND store them in a favorites list!!!!  Nice!!!

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Versaverter – Free Unit Conversion Tool

Versaverter rapidly gained popularity world-wide as the fastest and most complete unit conversion utility around. The original version was written for Windows 2000 and did an admirable job but times have changed and we have began the process for propelling a new version of Versaverter into the modern era.

The new version Versaverter 4 is a complete re-write of the application using the cross platform Adobe® AIR™ framework. We have retained all the key features that made Versaverter 3 such a success: Speed, extensive XML based library of units, automatic updates, and of course the free price tag!

The new version adds to this a much improved user interface, cross platform compatibility, additional speed, and dynamic search.