RIGAS Services Teledyne LightHawk 560

RIGAS has many Teledyne MonitorLabs LightHawk analyzers under contract; we’d like to add yours to our list! We’ve been impressed by the repeatability and ease of maintenance ever since we first had a chance to work on one. If you’re getting ready to replace an aged opacity analyzer, you should strongly consider this product.

After installation we can perform the required on-site COMS certification (40 CFR part 60, Appendix B, Performance Specification. After the initial warranty period, RIGAS can perform the monthly, quarterly, and/or annual EPA inspections and audits at very competitive prices.

We are also VERY thorough! We try exceedingly hard to avoid putting you, our client/customer, and ourselves in Dutch with the EPA! And, to date, we’ve been perfect! Call us any time to discuss analyzers, EPA criteria, and offered services!