High Opacity Readings on Rosemount OPM2000, OPM2000A, OPM2000R, OPM2001

Components affected: LCW, liquid crystal window, lamp, barrier window, alignment, bulb, & temperature.

High opacity can come from any of the following:

  1. actual stack opacity conditions
  2. misalignment
  3. failing bulb/lamp or lamp power supply
  4. failing LCWs or LCW power supply
  5. dust on barrier window and/or corner cube
  6. steam that has changed phase to vapor

Call us to help you diagnose this.

Please provide the following:

  • model number
  • age of LCWs
  • age of bulb/lamp
  • reference voltages (8)
  • current ‘run’ voltages (4)
  • temperature