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Title V Audits

RIGAS has significant experience performing EPA Title V compliance audits in accordance with 40 CFR part 60.  Our testing procedures are some of the most extensive in the industry.  Our proprietary audit report thoroughly documents the test results with references to specific requirements in 40 CFR part 60, PS-1,8, and ASTM D 6216.   

Some of the procedures we perform include:

  1. Serial number verification
  2. Lx/Lt verification and pathlength correction factor (PLCF)
  3. Alarm status indicators test
  4. Zero and upscale calibration check responses
  5. Dust accumulation and dust compensation
  6. Alignment status
  7. Zero jig calibration verification
  8. NDF selection and calibration verification
  9. Calibration error test
  10. Zero alignment audit
  11. Block averaging test (if required)
  12. Response time test (if required)
In addition to the test procedures, we perform preventive and required maintenance on the analyzer.  Some of these procedures include:
1.  Replace the source lamp (if required)
2.  Clean the inside of the transceiver
3.  Perform any minor factory upgrades
4.  Recalibrate
5.  Perform required retesting:
a.  re-zero the zero jig
b.  force a Zero Span check test
c.  update the DAS with the new drift target values
d.  perform the applicable portions of the audit as a retest.