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PMD Paramagnetic

755, 755G, 755A, 755R, and 755EX are NOT obsolete!

It is true that the OEM has discontinued sales and support for these analyzers … however, they are still VERY viable!! As long as there is a vendor that can supply photocells, source lamps, and miscellaneous other parts, you should be able to count on your Rosemount/Beckman paramagnetic oxygen analyzer for decades to come.  Yes, decades!  As long as you (or your technicians) don’t over-pressurize or overflow the actual detector (dumb-bell assembly) then you should expect many, many years of service.

Typical failures that we see in our depot include:

·    blown thermal fuses,

·    bad power supply circuits,

·    wrong heater setpoints,

·    bad fans,

·    bad analog (or digital) meters,

·    bad 4-20 mADC boards, and

·    sometimes blown detectors.


With the exception of the “blown detector” issue, RIGAS can repair everything else!!

So what if you do blow up your detector?  Well, for about $6500, RIGAS can install a new, better, more accurate, and more reliable paramagnetic detector.  It’s actually an approved factory upgrade; the old Anaheim detector (formerly produced at the Rosemount facility in Anaheim, CA) is removed and a ‘buy out’ detector is installed in its place.  This newer detector is much more forgiving of excess flow or excess pressure events; plus it’s more accurate and less noisy.  You’ll need to wrestle with the cost though.  We believe that it’s right at a cutoff point where a brand new analyzer should be considered.  So let’s weigh the pros and cons:

[1] it will look and feel like the old analyzer so re-training is minimal,

[2] it’s still 100% Beckman/Rosemount and supported by RIGAS,

[3] there’s no labor time required to redo the panel cutout, plumbing, wiring, MOCs, etc, etc. (that just might be the savings that justifies keeping the old unit!!)

[a] it is an old analyzer with aging capacitors that are drying out … it will require some servicing before a brand new analyzer might require servicing … capacitors are easy to replace,

[b] cost of this new detector is high but it might be well worth it if you only end up spending $7000 to save the purchase price of a new analyzer at $20,000.

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