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Performing VEO (visual emissions observations) … coming soon

We plan to write an article about this soon, but in the interim, here are a few bullet points:

* this is also referred to as Method 9 (found in 40 CFR part 60)
* there are many, many criterium required to perform a ‘legal’ visual observation
– time of day
– relative humidity
– temperature
– wind direction
– sun position
– weather conditions
– status of your EPA VEO certification
– distance to emission
– angle of incidence
– background contrast used
– white smoke or black smoke
– (will look up the other criteria and post it here)

Model 320 (or 320A) Stream Switcher by Beckman (or Rosemount) is NLA

This is an old mechanical, rotary drum & rocker switch, stream switcher. It was designed as a 5 streams or 10 streams unit.

RIGAS can fabricate a replacement. We utilize more modern parts (i.e., a PLC replaces the mechanical timers; status lights are replaced by LEDs). Other options are available too, just ask.

Here are some part numbers that you might find in this unit:

  • 138515 operator’s manual,
  • 138520 operator’s manual,
  • 123770 front panel,
  • 117956 SLIDE RAIL,
  • 081810 manual.