What is the core competency of RIGAS? (i.e., what is RIGAS good at?)

We are opacity monitoring experts. Opacity, sometimes referred to as COMS (continuous opacity monitoring system) or visual emissions, is usually an EPA mandated measurement for a source owner (boiler plant, waste incinerator, foundry, cement plant, lime kiln, etc.) to comply with. It is usually only installed to meet a compliance requirement, however, if installed and maintained correctly, it can be utilized to improve process efficiency (i.e., less smoke implies a cleaner, more efficient, burn). We do the following:

  • new analyzer installations,
  • site certifications (EPA compliance),
  • new purchase recommendations,
  • monthly EPA audits, quarterly EPA audits, annual EPA audits, and
  • EPA Method 9 visual emissions monitoring.

We also work on CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring system). Our capabilities include:

  • new system installations,
  • site certifications (EPA compliance),
  • new purchase recommendations,
  • quarterly, annual PMs (preventive maintenance),
  • quarterly CGAs (cylinder gas audits),
  • complete sample handling repair, PMs, etc.,
    • includes probe, heated sample line (HSL), gas conditioning, filtration, sample pump, peristaltic pump, pressure control items, flow control items, exhausts, drains, electrical, cabinet HVAC, lighting

We do circuit board repair including surface mount repairs.

We do telephone technical assistance on just about anything.